You are not alone in carring your child with Down Syndrome to term. This is what Laura’s mom has to say to parents who have been given the adverse prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome:

“A year ago when she was born with Down syndrome (Trisomy 21), her daddy and I didn't know what to expect. Since then, we have read and learned a lot about Down syndrome. We will put no limitations on Laura... instead, we will encourage her to live to her potential, fulfilling the purpose God has for her life. To us, she is a treasure - and we are so thankful she is a part of our family... so much so, that my 16 yr. old daughter now wants to adopt a baby with Down syndrome one day. There is an adoption waiting list for these special babies, and now I understand why.”

A new book, Frankie's Story: Accomplishment Personified

Frankie is a fourth degree black belt inductee in the International Martial Arts hall of fame - as a karate master. He's also a special Olympian, a keyboard virtuoso, a guitar player and a .......choir singer, alter server, teachers aid and much more. BTW, Frankie has Down's Syndrome! This a story about parental commitment, creativity, innovation & love, the importance of having a social support group and about ways that special teachers teach special kids that may help others with disabilities. Frankie's successes go far beyond his disabilities - he is an inspiration for anyone who has challenges and obstacles and for those who just want to be successful !!! Relevant concepts from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and education are included, along with an extensive listing of agency resources for parents.

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