I will start at the very beginning of this journey. I had just gotten home and for some reason was really upset that I hadn’t gotten pregnant yet, and decided to take a test anyways. Now mind you we had just decided to start trying to have a baby and it can take a while. I took the test and screamed! My husband came in and I asked “does this look like it is positive to you?” He said “Yes!” So that started our journey on rough road of pregnancy. I had my first prenatal appointment at 6 weeks. The doctor’s office did an ultrasound and we were devastated! The baby measured small and they told us we would have to wait 10 day, but watch for symptoms like bleeding, and cramping. They suspected my baby was a blighted ovum. Meaning the egg was fertilized but didn’t grow. We waited 10 agonizing days and had our repeat ultrasound. Our baby was an amazing 8 weeks 5 days. Our baby grew a lot in those 10 days. We were so excited, and the tech who did the ultrasound said it was probably her mistake as it’s hard to get an accurate measurement when baby is that small. One huge burden had been lifted and we were elated! Then the questions of genetic testing came our way. We both had said we didn’t want to do any testing because it didn’t matter to us. However at one of my appointments my doctor urged me to get testing done. I begrudging said fine I will do the quad screen. Well the weekend went by without a second thought to the test as it was my cousin’s wedding and I was the maid of honor. The next Monday I got a call from my doctor saying my numbers for the quad screen came back. Everything looked good except for Down Syndrome. Those numbers came back 1 in 277, she said those are still good numbers but I had a higher than normal risk. She wanted us to do some genetic counseling and testing but wanted us to go to another care system that was out of network so we didn’t do it. A few more weeks went by and the doctor said that they now offer the test she wanted me to have and I could make an appointment get my blood draw right in clinic. So we did that and waited. Then the first night of our child birthing class I got a call. I picked up my husband and we called the doctor back and she gave us the news no one of us her included expected. I was carrying a child who would be born with Down Syndrome. I balled, my husband cried all the while driving to child birthing class. It took us sometime but we finally realized we are being blessed with a baby, and we should just be happy with that. Our families took to it no problem, they both said that no matter what baby would be loved and if we needed anything to just let them know. Our friends we pretty much the same way too with the exception of my best friend, who I think just didn’t know how to process what I was telling her. Now here we are almost two years later and couldn’t have asked for a better child. He is very outgoing, loves to make people laugh. He has a big heart, and is very determined!! If something doesn’t go the way he wants he figures out another way


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