You are not alone in carring your child with Anencephaly to term.This is what Lucas' mom has to say to parents who have been given the adverse prenatal diagnosis of Anencephaly:

“I have been told by many that they couldn't do what I did. I am not a saint and you don't know what you can do until you are faced with it. You have to understand that while I carried Luke, God carried me. That is what made the difference. It was not my strength but God's and that strength is available to anyone who asks. The secret is in the asking. For those of you starting this journey, you will never be the same, you will be better. It is a hard journey but our babies are more than worth the effort. We don't look back in regret and continue to look up in faith."

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A Note from the parents of Benedict and Charlotte (brother and sister):
Benedict Oliver and Charlotte Mary both had anencephaly. They were born 3 years apart. Benedict lived for 24 hours and 13 minutes, 25/6/01 - 26/6/01, and Charlotte lived for 6 days, 21/6/04 - 26/6/04!  How surprised we were that Charlotte went to heaven on Benedict's anniversary! Our time with them was so very precious. They touched many people's lives, and I hope that through this story, they will touch yours, too.
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