Meghan Diane was born on May 14, 2002. Weighing in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces and 20 and a half inches long. She is the joy of my life. I was told when I had an ultrasound at about 20 weeks gestation that some of the images looked abnormal. I was sent to the local children’s hospital (St. Christopher’s Hospital.. which I absolutely love) to have a fetal MRI done. I learned Meghan would be born with semi lobar holoprosencephaly. I had no idea what that meant. It was suggested that I abort, the doctor said Meghan would probably not live to long after her birth. my response, “ABSOLUTELY NOT”! I was going to give birth. That was almost 4 years ago, Meghan is stronger than ever. One thing most doctor’s cannot determine is how HPE will affect each child. I have learned that you can’t always believe everything the doctors tell you. As, I said Meghan will be four in May 2006. She has received PT, OT and speech from very early on. The things that she does today I thank those therapists for. She now attends an IU pre-school, which she adores. She likes the lift on the bus, and laughs when she is being raised into the air. Meghan receives her therapies at school now. Her teachers say she is a happy little girl who is interested in everything they try and teach her. Meghan does not sit on her own, but she does commando crawl. She cannot feed herself, but eats orally and loves table food. I use pediasure as a back up when she is not getting enough calories on some days. Meghan has a variety of equipment ; she has a stander, a kid kart, a corner chair. a hand brace, DAFO’s and a communication device. Meghan is the joy of my life, I don’t know what I would do without her. There is a song by Martina McBride called “God’s Will”. It is so fitting of her. Some of the lyrics say; “that each day I have him, it’s just another gift”. That is how I feel about having Meghan in my life, each day with her IS “a gift”. Meghan is a healthy child , but spasticity is a problem, we are considering the baclofen pump to help with her tightness. Some of the activities Meghan enjoys is watching Dora, playing with her toys, and listening to country music, she likes Toby Keith.


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