I just wanted to share our story in memory of our precious Skylar- Stillborn onFriday April 13,2007 due to Triploidy… In September of 2006, I took a home pregnancy test excited to find that positive sign! We were so shocked at how fast it happened! We lost two in early miscarriages and then our daughter took over a year of trying! Not this time it happened so fast- it was meant to be! Excited and anxious to hear everything was okay we got into the doctors right away…So far so good! Estimated due day ofMay 26,2007. At 6weeks I started spotting and was put on bed rest…off and on throughout I went on and off of bed rest hoping to continue our pregnancy. They called it a “missed-miscarriage”. At 12 weeks, everything seemed to be back to “normal”…Finally I can get my hopes up of bringing another baby home with us! At 14/15 weeks I went for my monthly visit and the doctor noticed that the baby was small for the gestational age- but we knew for sure my due date was right on… So he sent me to a level II specialist in Toledo, Ohio for a better view. Off to Toledo we went only to find in that ultrasound the following: moderate ventriculomegaly, echogenic bowel, single umbilical artery, and or our baby was measuring weeks behind. Because I was so early and he was so small they couldn’t really tell if there was a heart defect. Our specialist thought our baby had down syndrome but wanted to rule out the chances of Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 13. He asked if we wanted to do an amniocentesis…At first we were like NO WAY, but we thought about it and wanted to be able to line up the best resources for our baby so we could be prepared for everything. We agreed- the next morning(wed) we went in for the amnio- my amniotic fluid was a “rootbeer”color which indicated there was definitely something wrong. WOW THIS TEST HURTS! I went into major cramping- they don’t tell you that! They sent the results in for a FISH test so we would get the results back quicker. That night my water broke!!! We didn’t realize that just because your waters breaks doesn’t mean you go into labor! We went to the ER and this little guy was still hanging on strong! His heartbeat was stronger than ever, but I had no fluid surrounding him. I was sent home and was told to follow up with my OB. On Friday we went to see the OB and sure enough I still had no fluid around the baby- they told us that He would not survive the weekend and once again I was sent home. That same day in the afternoon the phone rang- the results of the FISH/amnio were in…Our baby had none of which the doctors thought it was something far worse- it was TRIPLOIDY- our doctor said its lethal- its not compatible with life you need to terminate this pregnancy..WOW!!!!!!!!!!! It was like I was in a dream waiting to wake up only reality set in. There was NO way that I could terminate my pregnancy..I felt as if I would be giving up on my son, I would be murdering him! We are such strong believers that GOD is the giver of life and what GOD giveth he taketh away. What if they were wrong? or what if GOD picked our son to be a miracle?We decided to continue with the pregnancy. We knew in our hearts that GOD would take our son when he was ready. Over the next few months I went in weekly for ultrasounds to check for fetal heart tones. I got to watch our son grow and beat so many odds that were against him. Tummy to hand is where we would always meet! At one point my fluid level reached a “normal” level again and it was a good feeling knowing that he now had a place to move around in. The fluid on his brain at decreased to a “normal” level- things were starting to look good for a change! We got to see him opening and closing his mouth! I can still remember that day when he reached 1lb. We were so excited because we knew that he reached another mile marker! Then on Thursday April 12,2007 at 33 weeks 5 days I went in for my weekly visit- I knew in my heart that my precious Skylar had gone to the mansions of mansions- and I was right- The ultrasound screen was so still, so peaceful…..there was no heartbeat and It was time to say goodbye yet time to meet our precious son. Labor was TERRIBLE! I had some complications on top of everything else! He was breech, and I had a low lying placenta- they only had an inch to work with- FINALLY onFriday April 13,2007 at 10:39pm our precious SKYLAR MATTHEW was brought into the world- He weighed 1lb 6oz. and was 12 1/2″ long. He was so precious! He had Mommy’s eyes! and they were wide open as if he was there telling us that it would all be okay- We spent several hours holding him, taking pictures of him in the gown I made for him to be buried in. We had a funeral service and it was beautiful. My pastor wrote a letter titled Skylar’s first letter home- it was wonderful! At his grave we release balloons as a celebration of his life. Big Sister Lexi always talks of him and colors him pictures. She still prays every night for him to get better. On my “sad” days she looks at me and says as she wipes my tears away with a big hug-” its okay mommy Jesus will take care of him”….Sometimes you just know its GOD there providing you with what you need to get through that hard moment. It turns out after all our Skylar was a miracle- we feel as if he was a missionary sent from GOD- He has helped us in so many ways- First leading Daddy to Christ, then his Nana- and then Mommy and daddy were baptized on Sunday April 29,2007. and we know he was there looking down on us with a smiling face. We have learned to not ask why but to put our trust in GOD…He is the only one that can see you through. We will always have a special place for our Skylar and we will forever miss him- but we are forever thankful for what he has lead us too. Thank you for allowing me to share our story- I have enclosed our family picture taken the day our son was born………I hope our story helps someone else who may be going through something like this. Jessica Miller


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