Savannah Raye is a 19 yr old t-18 angel. She is about 49inches and weights 42lbs. Doctors have said since I was 3months pregnant that she would not survive. I was also told that if she made it to a yr., she would not be able to do anything. Savannah has had her downs but the Lord has always pulled her through. She can sit; feed herself (when she is at school, but not for mom and dad.)She scoots around on her bottom and can crawl but can scoot a lot faster. She doesn’t talk but she sings. We have always referred to her vocal sounds as singing, and she has said momma about a hand full of times.

Savannah just recently spent 15 days in the hospital and doctors still amaze me with you need to plan for her funeral. That is something I am still shocked about after all these yrs. I worry when she is sick and I do have a day that I get scared but that is usually because I’m so tired.

I learned a long time ago that I have to go with only what I feel inside and take some things that the drs. say with a grain of salt. Savannah has touched so many lives. She has been the best blessing our family could have ever asked for. She is so much fun. She has her own little personality and you can tell by the look on her face what she is thinking. So a lot of times it’s good she can’t talk.

It’s not hard to take care of Savannah but it does become challenging. The worst part is lack of communication not knowing when she feels bad or what hurts, but she is worth every tear shed.

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