Dear Friends and Supporters,

We had a fantastic 2014 Banquet with Bishop Andrew Cozzens, his parents Jack and Judy Cozzens as our guest speakers, along with Super Bowl Champ, great husband and father, Matt Birk as our M.C. Jack and Judy Cozzens shared the story of how they were pressured to abort their unborn son and future Bishop. Their baby was called a “Freak” and death was presented as the solution. Praise God Jack and Judy found another doctor who would help them and who treated their baby with dignity. Bishop Cozzens talked about the gift of every life and how important it is to embrace and treasure all life. He spoke about the beautiful gifts children with special needs bring to their families and the positive impact they are. The third annual Peter Kellett Angel of Light award was given to Cathy Deeds, Amy Holtan and Shirlann Biser for their many volunteer hours helping and supporting the work of Prenatal Partners for Life. Patrick and Nicole Chase gave a wonderful testimony about their precious son Gentry and how Prenatal Partners for Life has helped their family. Susan Smith gave a very moving testimony about the impact of her daughter Ashlyn and how important the work of Prenatal Partners for Life is. Matt Birk was a great M.C. and kept everyone laughing and inspired with his humor and great pro-life conviction. Here is a video of some of the highlights from a beautiful evening. Thank you to all who support our work!

Thanks to the wonderful support we have had and the success of our annual banquet, the life saving and life supporting work of Prenatal Partners for Life continues by God’s grace and mercy. Our mission of offering life-affirming support, information and encouragement to families who have a child with health issues is growing and we are always finding new ways to educate the world about the gift of all life. We continue to give talks at seminars and conferences throughout the country and also to churches, medical professionals, educators, youth groups, pro-life groups and other organizations. Our prolife poster has been given out to hundreds of people along with our books, brochures, CDs and gifts of love. All of these can be seen and ordered at our website, Our future projects include a new brochure and a teaching DVD. Our Funeral/Marker and Family Grant program continues to expand and help many families with the practical support that is so often vitally needed. Please continue to support Prenatal Partners for Life with your prayers and financial help. Thank you and God bless!



The support, information and encouragement provided by the PPFL parents is not meant to take the place of medical advice by a medical professional. Any specific questions about care should be directed to a health care professional familiar with the situation.


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