I was very excited to hear that my mom was pregnant with a baby boy. Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted a sibling. At the age of 9, I was ready to be a big sister. I was so happy, excited, and thrilled knowing someone will follow in my footsteps, and that my dream was going to finally come true. I would always talk to Nicholas through the belly, and play music to him, and be a great bug sister even though he didn’t come out yet. I was just waiting for that day to come.

But one day, my mom was crying. She told me to say goodbye to my brother. I know now thatdoctors said that Nicholas was going to live a hard and painful life with Spina Bifida and other things, they said it wasn’t worth living for and told my mom she should have him be put to sleep. I remember being defiantly upset, and impacted by this. My mom just couldn’t do it. She didn’t do it. My mom was brave and strong and had faith in this little boy. She wasn’t going to let a disorder or two get in her way. She was willing to take on what life had coming her way, and I am so proud of her.

A couple months later my mom was at the hospital having Nicholas. I just couldn’t wait. my mom and i learned together about was Nicholas had, and my mom got me to understand about shunts, and about Nicholas spine. Then a really special part of my life, to me was, when I finally got to hold my brother for the first time. It felt like my heart was melting, I was so happy, tears were coming down. My mom was right. she didn’t stick to what doctors told her and she was right. Nicholas has faughten battles, but this little almost two year old who the doctors said wouldn’t be able to
move from the waist down was running all over the house, laughing with me, and loves to do family activities. This little boy is a blessing, and I couldn’t be a more proud bigger sister. I always have to say to myself “anything can happen, just be positive” and we are all living as one big happy family, together forever.


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