My Special Butterfly, My Special Sister

We decided to have some butterflies. Five caterpillars came in the mail. They all turned into chrysalises and one fell to the bottom. We tried to put it back to the top, but it fell again.

And then one day it hatched, my special butterfly. It had crooked wings but I love it the most. I have five butterflies and I love them all.

I also have a special sister in heaven that had a broken heart like the butterfly’s wings. Her name was Gemma. I knew she was going to heaven before my Mommy knew, but Daddy told Mommy not to listen to me but to listen to God. I was four years old. I remember when I brushed her hair. She only had a little bit but she was so cute. I love my special butterfly and I love my sister Gemma.

By- Juilana, Gemma’s first grade sister


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