Letter from Daddy: My Dearest Jody, I can’t begin to tell you how much your mother and I love you. I can honestly tell you, you can fall in love in an instant. There are so many things that I planned to share with you. So many stories about your beautiful Mommy, your strong sister and your loving brother. We were blessed to have you in our lives for that beautiful hour. But as your Daddy, I can tell you I am very selfish. I wanted more! I wanted much more. How do I compress everything in life into an hour? How can I show you all the wonders of this great world with such a small window of time? When can I teach you about football, baseball and all the fun things in life. I will miss teaching you to ride a bike, playing tag, tucking you in at night, watching you sleep, holding your hand, looking into your beautiful eyes, seeing your smile, you sitting on my lap, sleeping on my chest, this list could cover hundreds pages. Many people have told Mommy and I that this is not fair. It is not fair, you should be sleeping in your crib at home as I write this, you should grow in to a young man with the love of your family. It is not fair, for you will never have your bride and a family of your own. But one thing we understand is that your are our angel, and god only gives a few people one. As mad and sad as I have found myself, I want to thank you Jody. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. In spite of the fact that every doctor we saw told us you would most likely not survive delivery, you fought. You fought to make it into our arms on that rainy night. With each passing minute you fought to stay with us. As the time moved along, you fought like I have never seen before. You put everything and I mean everything into that fight, until you had exhausted the last ounce of fight you had within, and then you sprouted your wings. Mommy and I have learned so much from you my son… We have learned to be a stronger couple, even better parents, more caring friends. We have learned to put things into perspective. We have learned that things that we thought were so important to us, really are not that important after all. We have learned that family is more than just a word. Time is not infinite, and it must be treasured. We are given gifts, gifts that must be cherished, because as quickly as we are given those gifts, they can be taken away. To live for today because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Not to dwell on what you don’t have, but to cherish what you do. Never to part without telling the ones you love what they mean to you. Jody, you have taught me to be a better person. You, an infant have become the teacher and your students are all of those who’s life you have touched. Thank you for being our little boy angel. I love you Daddy Letter from Mommy: Dearest Jody, What a blessing you have been. All of us have anxiously awaited your arrival since the day we found out we were expecting another precious child. Though our plans have changed, our hearts have not. Know that Daddy and I are so proud to have another little boy. We name you Jody, which means praised, because it is a name I have always love, and Michael, which means who is like God, after Daddy. I keep trying to wrap my head around what has happened and am trying to accept the fact that you have a greater purpose somewhere other than here. I have been told that the Heavenly Father sends each being for a certain amount of time and that only special parents are chosen to love a child for only brief moments after birth. Just so you know, as much pain and loss as we feel now, our hearts will heal. I believe that you were sent here to be our teacher. You have showed us the undying love that parents have for their children, and you are no different than any other child. You, son, are an angel and one of our greatest blessings. You will be part of our present, our past and our future, and your short presence on earth will never be forgotten. We know that your sprit will live on and that you will be in a safe place without pain watching over all of us. The list of what you accomplished and what you have taught is so long. Your existence has strengthened bonds between husband and wife, sisters and brothers, mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, and bound friendships. You have showed us new meanings of hope, faith, forgiveness, love and so many others, and you have blessed us with a stronger family tie and unconditional love that will stand the test time. In our minds you will always have the face of a baby. Each of us will picture your mature face differently, but we know that you will be as beautiful as your sister and brother. I will always long for your baby-belly-laugh, to see you crawl and walk for the first time, to feel your soft new skin pressed against mine, and to be memorized by the rhythm of your small sleeping body on my chest. Though my arms will always ache to hold you and my lips to kiss you, we will have peace knowing that you have been spared from all pain. I can only imagine if you would share your dad and brother’s love for planes, trains and anything that moves, or if you would have the same funny personality as your sister and your brother. I can only wonder if you would have been soft spoken like Jennifer and Dad or thunderous like Joey and myself. Would you share the same sensitive heart that your sister has and that we love so much? From this point forward when a breeze brushes our cheek, we will know that it is a sweet kiss sent from you. You will be our twinkle in the stars when we look up at the night sky. Once in awhile you might hold Daddy’s hand; he will not know, but offer him peace and serenity. He has been so strong for us, especially me. Watch over your brother and sister because they need to know that you are there. When the time comes, will you please meet us at the gates of Heaven so that we can have a chance to hold you? In my mind you will always walk beside me. You have filled my heart with joy and love in a way that I never imagined. Please tell God that we will follow you, it may not be soon, but we will join you some day. I will forever be a Mommy of Three, two of my babies walk and one that is meant to soar in the heavens above. Thank you, Jody. I love you. Click here to read Jody’s Blog…


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