In July 2010 I got the sad message about our baby-girl. I was about 16 weeks into my pregnancy. We went to the hospital and an amniocentesis that told us I was carrying a baby girl that had full trisomy 18. I had a premonition from the beginning of my pregnancy. I felt this life I carried were very weak. I couldn’t understand why this pregnancy felt different from the first… When we got the sad news about Ingebjørg, the “puzzle” was complete and I understood why I felt this life I was carrying was so weak. Her condition was “terrible”; big omphalocele, only two ventricles…. there was one of her internal organs being intact; one kidney… making it possible for her to drink and pee.

We got the recommendation to have an abortion, but that was out of the question! I wasn’t the Lord of life and had no right to decide when my daughter should die! We believe that God gives life so it is up to him to decide when he wants to take it back.

Despite of her bad condition her heartbeat was very strong and stable: 150 -170 heartbeats/minutes. The day of the caesarean section – three weeks before due date, her heart beat was 155! She was a little fighter!!! 🙂 She was baptized a few minutes after delivery. We are so glad we got 50 minutes with her….smelling her, kissing her and giving her all of our love!

We felt God’s love and care the months before we got her and all the time after her death. GOD IS GOOD! We prayed for healing, but instead of healing her God sent healing to me every day so I was able to carry the mountain of burden! I am so thankful to the Lord and to all good friends praying for us! We had a “wall of fire” surrounding us. Instead of storms and lots of sorrow I felt peace and joy carrying her. People around me told me I was carrying a stream of light in my glance. I couldn’t explain it, because I knew I wasn’t different from others… I had only one thing to say: it was the peace from God. I really felt a peace I couldn’t and can’t explain… Just as we can read it in the Bible: Philippians chapter 4 verse 5-6

This is our little story about our sweet little Ingebjørg! We have never regretted giving her her the ability to live as long as God want her to live. We feel blessed!


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