No not superman, or wonderwoman…..nope neither of those are my hero. My little brother Peter is! Most kids my age don’t have their little brother as their hero, but most kids little brothers aren’t like mine. My parents asked me to write what Peter meant to me but the truth is that words cannot describe how much he means to me and what a big impact he has on my life. But I will do my very best to try. Peter is so special to me…. one look at his little face can brighten the whole world! He is such a joy to both me and my family, He has made our family stronger and closer to God. He has such a genuine personality, And is such an inspiration! Its strange because you know how the older sibling teaches their younger sibling how to do stuff (like how to ride a bicycle, play games etc.)? Well for us its vice versa, because Peter is teaching us older siblings so much! He has taught me so many important lessons in life. How to love, have faith, be strong, trust in God, and also not to be selfish and complain–Because when you look at him who’s been through more then most people will ever go through at such a young age, its hard to feel sorry for yourself and complain about such little things (Having to do chores, or watch my little sister). Even though Peter is so little and young, In my eyes he’s stronger then superman and wonderwoman put together!! He is truly my hero! 🙂

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