My little brother Martin has Down Syndrome and he’s the sweetest little guy you ever met. He can be a turkey, too! Even though he is 4 years old, he doesn’t talk much. He only knows 4 or 5 words, but he knows how to communicate with us anyway. Martin tells us what he wants through his smiles and frowns and by using sign language.

Martin really likes Santa, so when he feels like he wants to be like Santa, he will grab my ponytail and bring it to his face like a beard. Then he starts ho, ho, hoing. Martin likes to read stories together and he really likes to dance. Martin had the chance last year, to dance before a large crowd at the Minnesota State Fair. Our family band competed and the song we chose involved Martin and he just shined the whole time.

Those are some of the cute things that Martin does. Here are some of the “turkish” things that he does. Martin enjoys sliding down the backs of couches. He also enjoys climbing on the table and counters and even dances on them like they were stages. More than once we have found him in the bathtub, hoping to take a swim. There are a lot of funny things he does. Sometimes he will go into my sisters’ and my bedroom and find a skirt and put it on and come out as proud as a peacock.

Most importantly I am glad that Martin is my little brother. I am so glad God gave him to our family. He can give the tightest hugs around. Thank you God for Martin!

Breanna Becker


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