A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
– Erin Majors  
Michelle Rose Ekis was our candle. She taught me something very important. I was only in 4th grade when she died, now I’m in 7th, and I can hardly remember her. But what I remember best was her sparkling, blue eyes.

When I first heard I was going to have a little sibling , I was absolutely ecstatic. My mind was full of questions:  Will it be a boy of girl? When is it coming? What will you name it?

But when the news that she had Trisomy18 came, I was crestfallen. Would she have disabilities? Would she even live at all?

I was allowed to see Michelle about a day after she was born. I remember seeing those blue eyes staring up at me and forgetting all my worries. Even if she had learning or physical disabilities it didn’t matter, she was alive and she would be my sister.

I am very proud of my mother. If she had an abortion, we would have never learned so much from Michelle. She taught me that you just need to take it day by day and trust that God will lead you through it. Michelle means so much to me and I wish she was here, but I know now she is with the FATHER. HE must have loved her so much that HE wanted her right back. 


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