This page lets us express how our hearts are touched by these special children, and their families' experiences.

Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum A letter to parents
Saints Among Us By Rick Santorum
Forever Her Perfect Boy By Lane DeGregory, Times Staff Writer
Carly, When I Think of You By Carly's mom
Trisomy Angel By Peter Baklinski
Celebrating Bella By Rick Santorum, former senator
Peter's Story (2013) By Mary Kellet
Tim Carney An awful loss, a beautiful life, a daunting task
A Prayer Answered By Mary Kellet
The Value of "Imperfect" Children And why aborting them is wrong.
The Blessed Life of Simon Detailed in a book...
A Doctor's Ministry Bridging science and spirit
Lane Hauber's Story Written by his father, Alex
The Devastating Choice By Molly Myers
Ean's Eulogy Written for his sister Gianna
God's Grace From Heaven Kate's poem for Gianna's Burial
Even The Smallest Person Aaron's early birth story
I Am The Face Of Trisomy 18 A poem by Alisha Hauber
In Honor Of Caleb Posted by Patricia Tillis Caldwell
God Lives Under The Bed Downloadable story (.docx)
Pediatrics Ethics An article by MR Mercurio
Heaven's Child A poem by Katherine Eby
Austin Beats The Odds A family's medical journal
The New Eugenics Article by Dr. Marie Hilliard
Beatitudes for Disabled People By Marjorie Chappell.
A Special Day In Heaven A Poem (author unknown)
Twin To Twin Transfusion Article Article featured in Kentuckian Healthy Woman
Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb A religious community in France specifically established for Sisters with Downs Syndrome.
Miracle Meagan An article in the Elburn Herald
What Makes a Mother A Poem by Jennifer Wasik
Meet the Miracle Baby The story of little Georgia Grace
Misgivings Article by Barbara Farlow, Mom to Annie
Outing the Prejudice Inclusive Solutions Article Government Run Health Care Would Ration Care for Disabled Children CBN News Article
Will Reform Overlooking Children with Disabilities? CBN News Article
Welcoming a Child Destined Soon To Die From "The Catholic Key" Blog
Thoughts of Gianna... A mother writes of her love
The Child Lives A poem by Mother Angelica
All Miracles A blog filled with stories of hope
A Friend Shares Her Thoughts... ...about Amanda who has Trisomy 18
They Dismissed My Daughter By a mother facing Down Syndrome
God Sent to Me an Angel A poem by Paul Dammon
The Special Mother by Erma Bombeck
God's Great Idea A Pastor's perspective
Death With Dignity A mother ponders her son's short but beautiful life
A Leap Of Love Adoptions of Children With Down Syndrome Are on the Increase, according to Washington Post
Haunted by my Lost Son A mother discusses her regrets
Johnny's Story Pro football coach shares his son's story
A Sister's Perspective "My brother is not a burden"
Campaign Snapshots News & Commentary on Disability Issues
The Value Of These Precious Lives An article written for the Pioneer Press
Facing The Fears of an Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis An article written by Celebrate Life magazine
Tribute To Mary A mother's eulogy for her precious daughter
Pope Benedict XVI's Cousin The Pope's opposition to euthanasia is personal, having a cousin with Downs who was taken by the Nazis.
Daughter will be loved... By Andrew and Louise Novecosky
Compassion Deficit Disorder By Kathy Ratkiewicz
Living With Anthony A Touching Trisomy 21 story featured on
Austin The Evangelizer Words of wisdom by Father Bob
A Mother's Day Letter To Luke A mother's touching letter to her son, concluding with a prayer for comfort
A Mother's Journal More than 20 pages of one mother's insights and honest reflections through her brave journey (last updated 12/13/07)
Peter's Story Written for US Conference of Catholic Bishops
Letter To A Friend Ricky's mother shares her heart
Peter's Poem A poem with love from Peter's big sister
Hope In The Valley Of Tears Finding redemptive purpose in our suffering
Lucas Jacobson How a special needs child impacts those around him.
A Mother's Crown A touching and inspirational poem
The Journey A mother writes from the perspective of her little one, diagnosed with Trisomy 18.
Why Carry A Dying Child?
A Mother's Perspective.
From a mother who has lost two children and a nephew to anencephaly.
Letter to an Abortion Clinic A letter to an abortion clinic by one of its clients.
Annie's Story One woman's story about her Trisomy 13 - affected daughter, Annie
Anthony's Eulogy A father's eulogy for his son
The Torch of Love One woman's story of how she was touched by a special child


Kathleen Rose T-13 Video on YouTube
Nothing is Wasted T-13 Video by Christina Dufek
Twin Transfusion YouTube video
My Name Is Simon A little boy with T-18
John Paul Robert Video memorial
A Symphonic Dream Video by Karl Kohlhase
A Child With Downs Syndrome Changes the Family Forever
Brotherly Bond Connor and Cayden (with cerebral palsy)
10Year Old Blind Autistic Boy Sings "Open the Eyes of My Heart"
Krista Horning's Testimony How do I live with disability?
John Paul-Ours For A Time A mother talks about her son with anencephaly
Beatiful Boy! Remembering Peter Kellet
Our Story of Kannon Kannon's story on YouTube
Angelica Joy Inspirational Video
If You Have A Pulse You Have A Purpose Jonathan's story on YouTube
Parents Fight For Sons's Medical Rights The struggle of Lane Hauber's parents
Celebrate Everything--A Tribute To Caleb YouTube video celebrating the life of Caleb who had T-18
Rick Santorum--Family YouTube vide by Senator Santorum
Conjoined Twins Video about Stefan and Tyler Delp
Changing The Label-- Video YouTube video advocating support for T-13 and T-18 families
One Extra Chromosome Intoducing many children who proved the doctors wrong
An Extra Special Missionary Narrated by the mom of a child with special needs
Bryce Daniel Video on Wisconsin Right To Life
Loving Zeke A mother discusses her experiences with Trisomy 13
When A Baby Dies A grieving mother ponders the question: "How are you doing?"
A Bittersweet Journey (video) Video in honor of Matthew Benjamin Spadoni
Patrick Henry Hughes A young man overcomes his "disabilities" as he explores his extraordinary musical gifts--The Music of Opportunity
Faces of Trisomy Video set to the song "Ordinary Miracle"
Maddy Curtis Audition on American Idol
Zakk Our Angel A video tribute by the parents of Zakk Anthony Devlin
My Redeemer Lives A father, a son, a triathalon, and the power of Christ within
A Tribute to Lucas Baby Lucas had Trisomy 18
In Memory of Braylen Merck Braylen had been diagnosed with multicystic kidney disease...
Choosing Thomas Touching Trisomy 13 video
Flores de Marcela Video--part I (click on right arrow for English subtitles)
Flores de Marcela Video--part II (click on right arrow for English subtitles)
Gunner Health Care Parents concerned about national health care program
I Have a Voice Video for Downs Syndrome awareness
Connor's Slideshow Slideshow for baby Connor
Angel Jody Michael Video in memory of precious baby Jody
My Story--CDH Video tracking Ava's experience with CDH
Ava's Fight To Survive... ...Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia." Birth story video.
Little Angels Created by Terri Helmick in honor and celebration of all the babies born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
God Doesn't Make Mistakes Beautiful Down's Syndrome song and video
From the Heart Of a Parent A collection of short videos of families who have been comforted by Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (photography)
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (video) Video created for families facing Trisomy
Luke's Slideshow.ZIP Slideshow created for Luke (ZIP DOWNLOAD)
Calling All Angels Video created by the parents of Zion-Grace Elizabeth Larson (anencephaly)
Trisomy 18 and Living (Kayden, age 7) Photo montage of Kayden, who is now 7 years old, living with Trisomy 18 and full of smiles
Mieko Video in honor of Mieko who had Trisomy 18
20 Iron Man's News flash covering a Texas man who is attempting to complete 20 Iron Man marathons in one year to raise awareness for Trisomy
Zion-Grace A multimedia website created by the loving parents of Zion-Grace Elizabeth who passed away on 4-15-08
A Young Mom Chooses Life Inspirational testimony of a young mother who courageously chose life for her little girl
Remembering Mieko A little girl with Trisomy 18
My Redeemer Lives Incredible video about the relationship between a father and son.... and God's relationship with us.
Patient Centered Care Site that discusses ethics and patient centered care
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Prolife music video on YouTube
Nick's Testimony A young man born with no limbs proclaims Christ in extraordinary ways
Give Me A Chance Prolife song and video by Karl Kohlhase
Down Syndrome Association Video A video presentation from the Down Syndrome Association
Hidden Treasures A support site for families on the Trisomy 21 Journey, featuring a powerful video montage
Baby Annie

A touching video presentation set to music.

Baby Annie died in a world class Children's Hospital within 24 hours arrival at the age of 80 days. The events that transpired in those hours involved violations in health care Laws, hospital policies, professional codes of ethics and indeed there is a strong suspicion of criminal actions. The final medication report is missing and the narcotic cabinet reveals that over 30 times the amount of morphine ordered was removed from the cabinet, with none shown as wasted or returned.

The Coroner's Pediatric Death Review Committee determined that the care provided was not appropriate and that it was by no means certain that Annie needed stressful surgery or prolonged intubation. She was never on life support. A specific cause of death could not be determined so the Coroner determined that the death was due to "complications of trisomy 13".

Although the Chief of the Critical Care admitted that the actions of his staff were "unacceptable" and the hospital provided a written apology for  ineffective communication, effective and sincere plans for improvement could not be developed in collaboration with the hospital.

The United Nation's High Commissioner's Office became aware of the case and described many ratified conventions under which complaints could be made. Annie's family has made a complaint with Human Rights and appealed for a Coroner's Inquest with the support of many major disability groups.

All children, regardless of genetic disposition, deserve a chance if the family determines that it is in their best interest. Otherwise, they deserve a peaceful and dignified death. Annie was denied both.

Chad Elliston Story Story featured in "The Daily News" in Michigan
YouTube Video Austin's parents created a personalized video for the song, "Down The Road Of Bittersweet"
A Prayer Shower A downloadable PowerPoint presentation (about 5MB). You are invited to download the presentation, change the names and use it for your own Prayer Shower. Save this file to your desktop before opening it.
99 Balloons A touching video tribute to Elliot's 99 days of life.
"Choose Love. Choose Life." A video presentation defending life, set to "Amazing Grace".
Peter's Video Montage A video presentation set to the classic song "What a Wonderful World"
In Memory Of Fleur A video presentation from the mother of little Fleur (Flower in French), who was the inspiration behind the "The Little Girl Version" of the song "Down The Road Of Bittersweet"

Samuel Mabeus, A Gift from God

The Story of Samuel, a child diagnosed in-utero with trisomy 13 moasic who was carried to term against medical advice to be a beacon of light and hope for many.
Catherine's Montage Video montage a mother made in honor of her daughter with Down's Syndrome.
WCCO story WCCO story about reporter Maya Nishikawa's daughter, Mieko, who has Trisomy 18.


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